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Bengali Fonts

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There are two types of bengali fonts ASCII and Unicode. There are lot of bengali fonts available in ASCII and Unicode format. Some of them are Proprietary and some of the bengali fonts are released using GNU/GPL License.

Bengali Fonts ASCII

Lot of Bengali ASCII fonts are available. Most of the fonts are Proprietary. Each bengali font use custom bengali keyboard layouts. To type in begali a user need to learn these layouts also. To read various begali text an average user need to install all these bengali fonts.

Bengali Unicode Fonts

Most of the unicode bengali fonts are released under GPL license. You can download them free of cost and use them. The Unicode fonts are presented with common keyboard layout called Inscript. Some of the bengali fonts are listed below.

Download Bengali Font

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Akaash (The Sky)

The Akaash font can be downloaded from >> Bengali Akaash Font

Ani Font

We are also hosting the Ani set of fonts created by Dr. Anirban Mitra.

The Ani font can be downloaded from >> Bengali Ani Font

Likhan Font

Mr. Deepayan Sarkar has developed a Bengali OpenType™ Font Likhan.

Likhan can be downloaded from >> Bengali Likhan Font

Mukti (Freedom)

One of the best fonts in our project is the Mukti Narrow set of fonts also developed by Dr. Anirban Mitra.

You can download a tarball containing the Bold and Normal versions of the font from >> Bengali Mukti Font

Can't Read Bengali . Install Bengali Font and try again.

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