Can't Read Bengali. Download Bengali Font and Install into the system.

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English Bengali Converter

English Bengali converter is a tool to write Bengali using English letters. It helps to write Bengali words using the English keyboard in mobile or web. The characters are converted to corresponding Bengali letters by its vocal. Just write Bengali as its speak in English.

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Bengali Conversion

To get a Bengali word just type the word using English characters and press space. It will automatically convert to Bengali word in this tools. If the Bengali word is not correct press backspace key a suggestion list will appear to select the correct word. To see a Bengali word a Bengali font is installed on the computer. If it is not installed then the word is not displayed correctly. Download and install a Bengali font into the computer. Bengali fonts are free to download and use.

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Don't Copy paste words type below. Eg: Bengali blog, Bengali cinema etc. Press the Button to switch to English.

Copy the Bengali text from the above textbox after writing and paste anywhere in the internet, email, facebook, whatsapp etc.

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Download Bengali Fonts

Download Bengali fonts from the font page. Bengali fonts are required to view and write Bengali on the internet. Bengali fonts are free to download and it is very easy to install into the computer.

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